1. Visit the Myth and Culture website. Select two cultures and write a brief
   report on their views of the Sun.

2. Draw a neat diagram showing  the main regions of the Sun: photosphere,
   chromosphere, transition zone, corona, convection zone, radiation zone and

3. Briefly describe each of the main features of the sun:
- Photospheric features
- Chromospheric features
- Coronal features
- Solar Wind features

4. Describe how is the Sun's total energy measured.

5. What is meant by convection?

6. Explain two facts that are evidence of solar convection.

7. What are the temperatures of the solar surface and the solar core?

8. Name the main elements of the Sun's composition and their relative abundance.

9. Describe how energy generated in the solar core eventually reaches Earth.

10. Visit the Sunspots website and make a detailed summary of the Modern
      Research section including: anatomy of sunspots,  location, sun's
     magnetism and sunspot cycles.

11. Visit the Solar Flares website and answer these questions:
a. What is a solar flare?
b. Why study solar flares?
c. What impact do solar flares have on human activities?
d. Describe how coronal mass ejections may influence life on Earth.


Solar Physics
This website is from the Solar Physics Group at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. These pages contain  sections on Solar Physics News Stories, Solar Structure, Solar Features and Sun in Action.

The Sun from Windows to the Universe
Very comprehensive site about the Sun with information about structure and characteristics, missions to the Sun etc.

A Virtual Tour of the Sun
An excellent multimedia tour of the Sun.

The Solar Flare
These pages are about solar flares, the biggest explosions in the solar system. General information about solar flares,  scientific research into the energetic emissions from flares and a glance into the future of solar flare research.

The Sun's Corona
An article about the sun's sizzling corona.

The Sun
Characteristics, facts and links to images.

Everything you want to know about Sunspots.

The Sun as a Star
These pages contain information about: composition, luminosity, stellar
spectra and classification of the Sun as a star.

The History of the Sun
Short article on the formation of the Sun.

Solar Data Guide
Brief page with data on the Sun.

The Changing Sun
This website contains 12 x-ray images of the sun were taken every 120 days between 1991 and 1995. They show a dramatic change in the sun's magnetic
field over that period.